Galileos 3D Imaging

The Future of Dental Imaging Technology is Here

 At Crownsville Dental, we are proud to offer the Galileos 3D Imaging System to our patients, in the comfort and convenience of our own dental office. With the Galileos system, we can capture x-rays of your teeth, as well as a full, three-dimensional (or cone beam) scan of your entire jaw. The images allow for quick and easy diagnosis and more precise treatment planning.

How Galileos 3D Imaging Works

The Galileos system is a revolution in dental imaging technology. The patient simply steps up to the machine, bites down on a plate, and holds still for a mere 20 seconds. Part of the machine travels around the patient’s head and takes over 200 images in about 14 seconds. The images record every possible angle that would be required for diagnoses and treatment planning for most procedures. Ten minutes later, the doctor will have a full 3D image.

Advantages of Galileos Imaging

Galileos imaging gives us a comprehensive view of your mouth in less time than a traditional x-ray system can produce a flat, two-dimensional image. Three-dimensional images are also more detailed and clear than a traditional 2D image. The main benefit of Galileos is evident in treatment planning. Accurate knowledge of the jaw and teeth roots takes out educated guesswork and allows for fact-based treatment planning on orthodontic, implant, and full mouth rehabilitation cases. This greatly reduces the potential for complications and improves the likelihood of successful procedures.

With the 3D images, we can diagnose problems that normal x-rays would reveal, as well as many other conditions.

The images even allow us to measure jawbone density, which will help the doctor determine if the patient is a good candidate for implants.

Having Galileos in our office is like having a hospital CT scanner at our disposal, only better because Galileos exposes patients to a fraction of the radiation of a CT scanner.

Once the images are processed, they can be formatted and securely saved on our digital records, then burned onto a compact disc for your own records. Digital images may also be instantly transmitted to other doctors and specialists working on your case.

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