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About Crownsville Dental & Wellness Solutions

Minimally-Invasive, Advanced Dental Office in Crownsville, MD

There’s the smile you have when your hygienist says you’ve been taking excellent care of your teeth at home. There’s the smile we see when we tell you that there’s pain-free dental care solution to fix your ailing teeth that won’t break your bank. This same smile comes from knowing Dr. Eric Rabovsky and his team at Crownsville Dental & Wellness Solutions are focused on providing top-tier dental treatments in a gentle and non-invasive way — putting to rest your fears of pain and discomfort.  Finally, there’s the beaming, unbelievable smile we always love to see after you’ve completed an amazing cosmetic transformation.

This is what Crownsville Dental Wellness & Solutions is all about: health. Your smile is deeply connected to your overall health. That’s why we rely on the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology available in dentistry today, coupled with decades of dental expertise.

Ask yourself: How can we make you smile?

Dental Artistry: Perfected

Despite considering a career in engineering, Dr. Eric Rabovsky took his passion for creative artistry and working with his hands to learn about and practice in the exciting world of dentistry. Much like engineering, being a trusted dental health care provider allows Dr. Rabovsky to study your mouth, ensuring every part and piece is working together for optimal oral health and total wellness. He ensures this optimal oral health by starting at the foundation of healthy teeth — your gums and jaw bone.

Another benefit of being a dentist is getting to know patients like you. Dr. Rabovsky takes the time to deliver personal, one-on-one patient care that’s down-to-earth and comfortable — never stuffy or nervous. It’s another small detail that’s a big reason why patients of all ages and stages of life choose Crownsville Dental & Wellness Solutions for our distinctive approach to practicing dentistry. From your first visit to every follow-up appointment, you’ll find everyone at our dental office in Crownsville, MD is easy-going, professional, and deeply dedicated to developing long-term relationships with patients like you, to become your oral health partner for a healthier, happier life.

Put Your Trust in Us

You won’t be able to find a single team member in our office who doesn’t love what they do and the people they help every day. Dr. Rabovsky has a hand-picked team filled with friendly, compassionate people (just like you) who go out of their way each day to make delivering patient satisfaction and progressive dental care a top priority.

We only use non-invasive, minimal dental treatments focused on the:

– Prevention of future dental issues

– Protection of your natural teeth

– Preservation of your smile as a whole

All of this is made possible in the Chesapeake community, thanks to sophisticated technology designed to deliver dental solutions that are more modern, comprehensive, and convenient.

We invite you to take a tour of our office, your new dental home. We’ve created a soothing, welcoming environment that has all of the technology and comfortable amenities to help you relax and forget you’re even at the dentist’s office. We tailor every treatment to your needs, never pressuring you into extra or unnecessary work.

Our office operates without judgment or hassle. Our goal is to have every one of our patients smile big, laugh hard, and enjoy life.