Our CEREC machine is the culmination of 30 years of research and development in the technology needed to restore a damaged tooth to complete form and function.  The latest CEREC machine is capable of replacing missing or damaged tooth structure with ceramic materials that are as close to natural enamel as possible. This process is easily completed in a single visit to minimize interruption of your schedule.

What is it? 

  Using a derivative of the techniques perfected for cosmetic veneers, specific sections of damaged teeth can be repaired with an enamel-like and ceramic-based material. We use completely modern 3D design/manufacturing concepts which allow us to remove much less enamel than a traditional crown.

Does it hurt?

Compared with a traditional crown, the pain threshold is much less due to two main improvements. 

  • First, we remove much less of your natural enamel, causing much less stress on the sensitive nerves in your teeth.  Often, we can complete the procedure without any numbness required- this means less needles!!
  • Second, we complete the procedure in the first visit, so there is no need to come a second time to have a crown cemented to your tooth after the numbness is gone. 

How much does this cost?

The cost is similar to a crown and can be covered by insurance benefits just the same as a crown.  Additionally, since this procedure is completed in a single visit while you are comfortably waiting, you save time away from work or life.  This can be a valuable cost savings in leave time at work, or time for a babysitter!

Do I need this?

Our patients find that due to the ease of the procedure compared to what they are used to, they actually elect to have their tooth repaired earlier than they would have otherwise.  This conserves even more natural tooth enamel and requires less reconstruction.  We have never had a patient complain that we removed “too little” tooth enamel, so yes you do need this, and earlier than later.