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Crown Lengthening - Crownsville

Crown lengthening is generally offered for both cosmetic and restorative dentistry cases. It’s used to fix a common aesthetic oral health issue commonly called a gummy smile. Patients who’ve grown up with a gummy smile know it’s pretty apparent because the gum line appears to be creeping down or overtaking your teeth, leaving them looking short and small. 

The truth is: these teeth are not short, they’re actually the proper length, but they’re hidden underneath excessive gum and bone tissue. This is why crown lengthening is so crucial because of its powerful ability to reshape your gums and your teeth. 

We might also recommend crown lengthening to help:

  • Even out your gum line for improved symmetry
  • Fix decayed teeth that are too severely broken
  • Expose more of your natural teeth for a crown or veneer restoration

Please don’t hesitate to talk to us about crown lengthening. It’s a minor procedure that we make comfortable and pain-free thanks to our state-of-the-art soft tissue laser for less pain and time in the dental chair.