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Gum Recontouring - Crownsville

Gums that are too low or too high on your teeth can throw off your mouth’s entire aesthetic, making you feel more self-conscious about how and when you smile. Gums that cover too much of your teeth make it appear that you have tiny teeth. On the flip side, receded gums that are too high make teeth look too long. Both of these gum issues can be caused by an underlying health problem, your family genetics, or the side effects of taking prescription medications. 

Essentially, Dr. Rabovsky uses gum recontouring procedures to fix “big gums/small teeth and big teeth/small gums” issues. He expertly uses a safe yet powerful laser to reshape your gums for results that are immediately evident. In some instances, he can even use injectables/dermal fillers to help correct the appearance of gummy smiles easily without requiring surgery. Gum recontouring from Crownsville Dental & Wellness Solutions can:

  • Bring balance back to your smile
  • Reduce gum redness and disease
  • Improve your oral and overall health

Dr. Rabovsky is happy to discuss how gum recontouring can specifically be used to help cosmetically enhance your smile. Ask our office to schedule a visit today.