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Dental Care for Sleep Apnea - Crownsville

At Crownsville Dental & Wellness Solutions, you’re part of an extended dental family who cares about more than just your smile. We care about your overall health too, and if bad sleep and snoring is making you feel tired and sick, we want to help. The truth is, your snoring and all-day drowsiness could be a dangerous side effect of something called sleep apnea. 

Sleep apnea occurs when your tongue settles too far back in your throat, blocking the airway and causing a choking response. It’s not uncommon for people struggling with sleep apnea to: 

  • Consistently miss out on a good night’s sleep
  • Feel tired and sluggish all the time
  • Experience headaches and migraines
  • Be more forgetful or experience mood changes

If you or someone you care about isn’t sleeping well, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our convenient Crownsville dental office. We can use our unique, cutting-edge 3-D x-ray technology to assess and diagnose small airways. We can work with you and your physician to obtain a referral for a sleep study. If sleep apnea is to blame for your issues, talk to Dr. Rabovsky about creating a custom sleep appliance designed to reposition your jaw and open up your airway for a more restful night’s sleep.