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Dental Hygiene - Crownsville

One of our main philosophies at Crownsville Dental & Wellness Solutions is that your oral health and overall health are deeply connected. Many times when there’s an issue elsewhere in your body, your mouth is one of the first places where signs or symptoms can occur. It’s important to maintain your teeth and your gums to keep your mouth and the rest of your body functioning at peak performance. Great dental health comes from good dental hygiene, from both going to the dentist for regular cleanings and taking care of your teeth at home. Your dental hygienist loves answering questions about your smile care routine and giving you tips to keep your teeth healthy. We rely on tools like our non-invasive, pain-free Piezo® ultrasonic scaler to easily remove plaque from your teeth and below your gum line. It will help your teeth feel fresh and clean when you leave the office.