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Invisalign® in Crownsville

Crownsville’s Preferred Home for Trusted Invisalign® Treatment

This is it. This the year you finally get the straight, healthy smile you want (and deserve) thanks to the highly advanced Invisalign® orthodontic technology that you’ve probably been hearing so much about. 

Invisalign is the country’s leading alternative to traditional metal braces because of the convenience and comfort it brings to both teenage and adult patients who want to straighten their smile more discreetly. 

So Much More Than a Straight Smile

Crownsville Dental & Wellness Solutions doesn’t just take care of teeth; we take care of the entire YOU. That’s why we strongly believe in offering advanced dentistry solutions like Invisalign. It can change your life in so many ways.

  1. Disease Prevention – Crooked teeth can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and decay. Your straight smile, courtesy of Dr. Rabovsky and Invisalign, will help your whole body stay healthy.
  2. Improved Alignment – When your teeth are properly aligned, you’re able to eat and speak more comfortably than ever before. Straight teeth function better and are subject to less wear and tear over time.
  3. Boosted Self-Confidence – When you no longer have to hide your misaligned teeth, you’d be amazed at the new opportunities that will come your way thanks to a more confident smile.
  4. Easy to Use – Invisalign doesn’t restrict your diet like metal braces can during treatment. You can take your custom, clear aligner out when you eat, drink, brush, and floss. 

How Does Invisalign Work?

There’s one word we like to use to describe Invisalign orthodontic treatment with us – comfortable. Dr. Rabovsky uses his advanced training and iTero 3D scanning technology (the same 3D scanning technology that Invisalign uses!) to take digital impressions of your teeth, to create a custom course of treatment that works just for you. The images we collect are incredibly accurate for a more customized fit than other impression methods used in dentistry today. These high-tech digital impressions can be instantly uploaded to the Invisalign laboratory so they can start crafting your clear aligners right away. This saves you time and money!

Once your aligners arrive, you’ll start with the first set in the series. Every two weeks, you’ll replace the current set with the next in the series. The change in aligners allows your teeth to shift gradually, until achieving the final position set in your treatment plan. After six weeks, we’ll check on your progress and ensure your treatment is following the predicted course. Most patients wear an average of 18 to 30 different aligners over 9 to 15 months, but each case is unique. 

We’ll work with you to get the straight, Invisalign smile you’ve always wanted. Schedule a consultation and make this your time for straight, healthy teeth.