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Injectables / Facial Aesthetics

Injectables / Facial Aesthetics

The Smoothest Millersville Smiles

The line between aesthetic and functionality in dentistry is quickly becoming blurred, as dentists realize that the key to happy patients is a smile that looks great and promotes oral health. At Crownsville Dental & Wellness Solutions, we incorporate facial Aesthetics and Injectables into our services, as Dr. Rabovsky understands the value it can have for our patients. From changing the way your smile appears, to treating common dental-related problems such as TMJ and sleep apnea, injectables can greatly improve your quality of life and change the way you think of modern dental care.

Dr. Rabovsky is specially trained by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and will help you determine which injectable is right for you.

Suffer from Bruxism, TMJ, or Sleep Apnea? Ask how injectables can improve the quality of sleep you get and change your mornings into brighter days.

Along with traditional splint therapy and occlusal guards, we provide injectables as a treatment option for TMJ related pain, such as clenching, grinding, and other unconscious muscle activity. 

We’re committed to using the latest advancements in dentistry to change your smile and your life. Get a youthful, beautiful smile that feels as great as it looks!