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Mild oral sedation (anxiolysis)

Mild oral sedation (anxiolysis)

There’s Nothing To Fear

Does even the thought of visiting the dentist make you nervous?

Dental anxiety is common and has varying degrees of severity. If you are nervous about getting dental care, we offer solutions to your anxiety, for almost any procedure. That means you can get the quality dental care you deserve while feeling relaxed and at-ease every time you’re in the chair.

Dr. Rabovsky has undergone extensive training in fear management to battle any dental concerns you may have. 

If you are fine swallowing pills, we’ll prescribe a medication to be taken prior to your appointment, which will help you feel calm and comfortable during your procedure. You’ll remain fully awake during treatment and able to respond to questions. You may feel sleepy or dazed, but you’ll be conscious and aware. However, your nervousness will drift away and you’ll understand why placing your trust in our qualified team is the right choice for your oral health.

Fear management can benefit you even if you don’t have a fear of the dentist. We provide comfort for patients who undergo longer, more involved procedures such as root canal therapy and oral surgery. We perform anterior and premolar endodontics (root canals) in our office, and fear management is great for making the therapy more comfortable. 

Many patients become nervous at the idea of having surgery, and oral surgery is no different. Rest assured you’re always in the best hands no matter what procedure you’re having – oral surgery included. We’re confident in our skills, and perform minor extractions and major surgery, including bony impactions in our office. We’ll evaluate your needs and address any concerns prior to surgery and determine the best way to treat your dental anxiety.