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We have instituted a culture at Crownsville Dental of easygoing competence with great attitudes.  In this day and age, customer service seems to be a dying art, and this truly bothers me.  At Crownsville Dental, Patient’s will be greeted with a smiling face and a strong desire to make the experience here a very positive one. The team here have great personalities, and combined with their wonderful skill sets, we can provide a wide variety of procedures with tremendous precision and a relaxed atmosphere.  The technology suite at Crownsville Dental rivals the best in the industry, combining 3D technologies and a minimally invasive protocol to provide the most conservative and beautiful dentistry. This is just a quick overview of our office, now for the bios:

Eric N. Rabovsky

Dr. Eric N. Rabovsky is a big fan of Maryland, growing up in Olney and graduating from Sherwood High School in 1994.  Thinking that mechanical engineering was a good fit, he attended University of Maryland at College Park where it became clear that a more artistic outlet was a better fit. Upon graduation in 1998, Eric worked for a year as a full-time dental assistant and immersed himself in the field of dentistry, meeting many wonderful Dental professionals and beginning to shape his love of dentistry. These early experiences in dentistry set the hook, and from there, Eric attended University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery and graduated in 2003 (Great day!).  Upon graduation, the newly minted “Dr. Rabovsky” worked in several different dental offices, gaining experience and forming his identity as a Dentist who favored a minimally invasive approach to drilling.  It was frustrating to practice with the aggressive nature of conventional dentistry and Eric then began to develop techniques to minimize the necessary amount of drilling necessary for dental procedures.  

Opening Crownsville Dental in April 2007 was the beginning of an amazing adventure and allowed Eric the freedom to practice dentistry a manner of his choice and in a facility of his design and equipment.  The next 7 years were a major growing experience as Eric, with his wife Jodi, formed the identity that has blossomed to a wonderful dental practice. One of the greatest feelings is to recognize and be able to name Patients when he sees them outside of the office! The greatest breakthrough for Crownsville Dental was the addition of CEREC 3D technology at the beginning of 2014, which allows Eric to exercise total control over the dentistry he performs and allows the most minimally invasive therapies possible.  Now, Jodi and Eric attend many continuing education classes each year and continually add technologies that enhance the ability of Crownsville Dental to be one of the best Dental offices in the industry!

When not concentrating on Dentistry, Eric enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He has developed many hobbies over the years, including a love of working on Jodi’s Jeep and a budding interest in being a part-time boat mechanic (just ask!). Living nearby in Edgewater, Eric and family enjoy all of the wonderful activities Anne Arundel County has to offer.

Mrs. Jodi Rabovsky

Mrs. Jodi Rabovsky

is a life-long Maryland resident, growing up in Westminster before graduating from Francis Scott Key High School.  Management was Jodi’s thing, and she quickly became a successful manager of a Hess shoe store before she was 20 years old!  Moving to Dentistry, Jodi also quickly achieved the office manager position for a multi-disciplinary Dental office in the Finksburg area coordinating multiple doctors and hygienists.  During her time as an office manager, Jodi was able to master dental insurance reimbursement as well as treatment plan coordinating all while running a very busy office.  When it was time to open Crownsville Dental, Jodi was more than prepared, in fact, we were able to operate for the first 6 years with only two people.  Many of our patient’s remember it just being Jodi and Eric!  Since that time, Jodi has mastered dental assisting as well as the managerial aspects of a dental office.  She has attended every dental continuing education course that Eric has and is more that prepared to answer any questions, even very technical questions pertaining to 3D imaging and x-rays. 
When not keeping Crownsville Dental operating at peak efficiency, Jodi enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Traveling is her passion, especially to warm or tropical places and she is especially loves to combine traveling with attending a concert or two.  Boating is another favorite. Jodi is a voracious reader, completing books every few days.  Feel free to ask her to recommend a great book. 

Mrs. Sheena Norfolk 

Mrs. Sheena Norfolk was born and raised in Canada and is now a resident of Annapolis. Sheena has been in the dental field for the last 15 years, beginning with managing the front desk of a successful dental office. Once she noticed how much she enjoyed working with people, she went on to gain her Certified Dental Assisting (CDA) license and Dental Anesthesia Assistant National Certification (DAANCE). Sheena spent most of her assisting years as a surgical assistant but felt driven by the desire to continue her education, leading her to pursue her Registered Dental Hygiene (RDH) license from CCBC, where she graduated with honors. As our current patient’s know, Sheena has a passion to help people and loves her job with a guiding goal to help patients be aware of their dental health and encourage their participation in achieving optimal dental health. 

When not continuing her passion for teeth, Sheena enjoys watching hockey games, being active, and practicing her singing.